Sustainability out of conviction

Schoellerbank has stood for values such as trust, reliability, and stability for generations. This makes giving socially responsible investments the space they deserve a logical step in refining our portfolio, and this investment category is far more than just an asset management trend for us. Schoellerbank has managed mandates according to ESG criteria (environmental, social, and governance) since 2003, making it a pioneer in sustainable investment – out of conviction.

ESG investments are more than a trend

Making wise use of our natural resources and sustainable asset management are issues that affect all of us. We have seen increasing demand for ESG products in recent years. This shows us that we got involved in an exciting topic very early on. As one of the pioneers in this area, we can therefore optimally serve this former niche market with our sustainable solutions and provide you with outstanding advice.

Stringent selection process with a focus on sustainability

As a wealth management competence centre, Schoellerbank feels it has a special duty to deal with the topics of sustainability and ethics. The issuers of sustainable products – companies and countries – have to consider questions about respecting human rights, environmental and labour standards, their ecological and social footprint, and many other topics. Beyond a marginal degree, business activities in particularly questionable fields such as alcohol, coal production, gambling, nuclear energy, pornography, or the production of controversial weapons generally lead to an exclusion from our ESG universe. In addition, issuers must have an acceptable overall ESG profile (best-in-class approach). The product only receives the Schoellerbank sustainability seal if all of the assessment criteria pass the test.

The future belongs to sustainable investments

Our sustainable asset management activities have shown that it is possible to generate solid returns with a sustainable and well-diversified portfolio. We have been observing the performance of our ESG mandates for many years and have determined that their returns are on par with those of conventional investments. Therefore, we plan to give the topic of ESG greater consideration in all of our products over the long term.

Legal information on sustainability please find here