Advisory Approach

Our approach: More for you

Schoellerbank meets the highest demands of its customers in all asset matters and opens up market-leading opportunities with high investment requirements. For this reason, we can offer our exclusive services from an investment potential of around one million euros. We would be very pleased to convince you personally of our individual solutions.

When you come to Schoellerbank, we take time for you. We ask many questions, and listen carefully to your answers. Because this is the only way to ensure that we know what is important to you. Armed with this knowledge, we focus on your personal objectives, always taking all relevant market opportunities into account. Why do we do this? Because we want to create more for you. More security, more investment success, and more personal advice.

Invest rather than speculate – Six principles for growing your wealth

We have analysed successful investments and made the underlying success factors our fundamental principles. All based on our core philosophy: invest rather than speculate. This way, you always know how we think and work.

No. 1 We give our clients’ needs the highest priority.

We work together with our clients to develop a tailored investment concept. In this, we place great emphasis on ensuring a fair and transparent cost structure. We document our decisions in a clear and understandable manner. We make independent investment decisions exclusively in the interest of our clients.

No. 2 We pursue a clear and disciplined investment strategy based on facts and experience.

Schoellerbank focuses on ensuring the highest level of quality when selecting investments, which is why we only invest in instruments we can evaluate. Schoellerbank’s AktienRating, AnleihenRating, and FondsRating analysis tools serve as the basis of this evaluation. At the same time, we continuously optimise our investment process, take a long-term approach, and avoid market exaggerations and speculative trends.

No. 3 We choose the best from the available investment alternatives – regardless of country, industry or currency area.

Schoellerbank evaluates countless investment options and only selects the investments that we can recommend without reservation. For example, we see stocks as a long-term investment in a company. Using this approach, we expect to generate higher returns than with interest-bearing capital. The only factor that matters to us when it comes to investments is quality, regardless of what country, sector, or currency area the given investment is from. In order to stabilise the portfolio, we rely on bonds from a wide range of segments with the aim of achieving additional returns above the risk-free interest rate. Our securities offerings are rounded off by structured products. We recommend the selective diversification of assets in all cases.

No. 4 We act counter-cyclically wherever market movements are excessive.

Schoellerbank does not chase after any fleeting trends on the financial markets. We strive to buy when other market participants are nervous and to sell when they are in a state of euphoria. Based on these extremes, we measure the mood on the markets using carefully selected sentiment indicators. This allows us to avoid overcrowded and thus overpriced asset classes.

No. 5 We wait patiently for opportunities and then actively make the most of them.

Schoellerbank’s investment philosophy is based on the premise of “invest rather than speculate”. In this context, “invest” stands for the active, responsible diversification of assets. We categorically reject short-term speculation. We patiently wait for opportunities and then actively exploit them. We do not orient ourselves towards an index, but instead rely on our own assessment of the market.

No. 6 We practise active risk management.

Security is of the utmost importance to us in our investments. As soon as we identify risks, we actively adjust the portfolio. In the case of stocks, we accept fluctuation risk, but aim to prevent permanent capital losses. We strictly reject risks that are difficult to assess or non-transparent. Schoellerbank only invests in liquid assets. Therefore, we see ourselves as an active risk manager for our clients’ wealth.

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Sustainability in Asset Management

Our actions and business activities are increasingly determined by the careful use of resources. Sustainability and ethics come to mind in this context. But what exactly is behind these concepts?


The Council for Sustainable Development has defined sustainability as follows: “Sustainable development means that environmental aspects are given the same consideration as social and economic aspects.” We have outlined these various aspects in greater detail in our customer information regarding sustainable investments.


One niche in the universe of sustainable investment is ethical investments. Humanity, solidarity and responsibility are the central values, with the effects of economic activities on other human beings and the environment being analyzed for justification. Therefore, ethical rating agencies often exclude companies that do business in the areas of nuclear energy, GMO food production, alcohol, contraceptives, pornography, gambling, tobacco and armaments.

Sustainable Approach at Schoellerbank

At Schoellerbank as well, we strive to live the values of sustainability and ethical investing. We have developed a special rating method to be successful in sustainability. We would like to point out that also our internal analysis models exclude certain business models. These are usually companies that do more damage than good to their environments over the long term. In this respect, the Schoellerbank selection process may be viewed as the first filter for sustainability.

Ethical and Sustainable Investments Still Popular

In the past few years, demand for sustainable products has increased substantially. This shows that we have not only identified an attractive theme early on, but have succeeded in optimally integrating it into our sustainable approach.

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Financial planning – An eye to your future

No life path is like another – just as no investment is the same as another. Because every person has different desires, ideas, and goals. That’s why we address yours in an individual manner.

One step at a time

In our financial planning service, we thoroughly analyse your financial, asset, and liquidity situation and place it in the context of your personal goals and desires.

We analyse your asset situation. The result is a structured overview in the form of an exposé. Working from this basis, we select suitable investments, plan larger investments, and take possible professional and family scenarios into account.

The in-depth view

We bring clarity to even the most complex asset structures. And we find solutions for special situations. If needed, we consult external specialists such as notaries public, lawyers, tax consultants, and real estate trustees.

The securities structure analysis is included in Financial Planning, but can also be conducted separately. This shows you possible problem areas in your securities portfolio, taking aspects such as country, sector, and currency allocation as well as the maturity structure into account. We also assess possible disparities between your investments and your personal risk preferences.

Securities accounts at other banks? No problem.

We will be happy to include your securities accounts at other banks in the securities structure analysis. So you have a complete overview. And so that we can coordinate all of your investments precisely in accordance with your needs. Rest easy, we need no further information from the respective bank to incorporate your external securities accounts.

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Estate planning – Value for generations

More is being bequeathed and inherited than ever before. Which makes it all the more important to lay the proper foundation in good time. We will be pleased to help you find a way to pass your wealth on to future generations.

How to link generations with your wealth

We recommend that you leave nothing to chance. Create clarity to prevent ambiguity about your wishes and conflicts. The first step in this is talking with your future beneficiaries. We will be pleased to assist you in speaking with your children and other beneficiaries. And we work together with notaries public and lawywes to create an optimal estate plan.

Key questions for the future of your wealth include:

  • What are the components of my wealth?
  • To whom should these components be bequeathed?
  • What is the best way to achieve this goal?

Key questions in estate planning include:

  • Who has authority in my banking matters?
  • Is a power of attorney for inheritance or other matters sensible?
  • Do I wish to leave instructions for healthcare personnel in the form of a living will?

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Report service – Income statement

Private customers subject to taxation abroad receive an income statement covering their capital assets. This is required for securities investments that are held in a securities account at Schoellerbank. This service is not offered anywhere else in Austria and is highly appreciated by our international customers because it provides them with a better overview of their personal investments in the given country.

Since the enactment of the Common Reporting Standard (Gemeinsamer Meldestandard-Gesetz; GMSG), this service has emphasised transparency both for customers and for the bank.

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Foundation service – An investment in the future

Are you interested in setting up a foundation? Perhaps you are looking to protect your family’s wealth or ensure that your loved ones are taken care of, or perhaps you are pursuing a charitable project. No matter what your reasons are, we can help you achieve your goals.

Creating your own foundation

A crucial question in setting up a foundation is: Can you imagine relinquishing control of your assets? Because this is what happens when you establish a foundation. The purpose of a foundation, on the other hand, is a simple matter: securing your wealth over the long term and generating the necessary returns.

The most important considerations for successful foundation management are:

  • Clearly defining the purpose of the foundation
  • Creating an asset structure and liquidity plan
  • Regularly assessing the portfolio structure

At your side

We manage and assist a large number of renowned foundations, and have won numerous awards for our work. This means that we are well versed in the operation of foundations and all of the challenges and refinements that go along with this. We advise you before and during establishment and develop a made-to-measure investment solution.

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Real estate service – Advice with competent partners

You want to invest in real estate – or perhaps not? Our real estate service can provide you not only with the right investment properties, but also the right answers to all of your questions.

Properties for every stage of life

Real estate is relevant in every stage of life, beginning with property purchases and sales and extending to inheritance and asset structuring,. Real estate is also an important element of a well structured asset portfolio in terms of securing stable retirement income.

A team of experts at your side

We call on long-time partners to provide you with outstanding service. These include Bank Austria ImmobilienService GmbH, which maintains one of the largest real estate databases in Austria and Germany. Another strong partner is Bank Austria Real Invest, the real estate competence centre of UniCredit Bank Austria.

Our range of services:

  • Property search and acquisition
  • Property sales
  • Property appraisal
  • Technical information
  • Financing
  • Investment apartments
  • Apartment buildings
  • Special-use properties (luxury and foreign properties, special forms of investment)

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Insurance and financial protection – plan for tomorrow today

Along with professional asset management, the strategic orientation of the portfolio also includes aspects related to risk protection. Planning for your own financial future and setting capital aside for emergencies provides assurance that you will be able to react flexibly to unexpected events.

“Insurance and financial protection” is a subcategory of financial planning that deals with the topics of safeguarding assets and risk protection. In the course of numerous analyses, the key aspects of financial protection were defined, such as the risk of occupational disability, the risk of a need for long-term medical care, and making financial provisions for dependants. Protection solutions are developed for these risks, including insurance solutions. The range of services in the area of insurance and financial protection encompasses the development and servicing of private banking insurance solutions as well as the analysis of existing insurance policies. Particularly in the course of the analysis of existing insurance, potential improvements can be identified and implemented in order to generate significant added value.

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Investment Management - We Advise, You Decide

You want to manage your assets yourself? We will gladly support you. In our investment advisory services, we develop the portfolio together with you to ensure that it meets your needs. One thing is always at the focus: your individual level of risk tolerance.

An Investment Plan for Your Assets

First, we analyze your living situation in a personal talk. What are your personal goals? How much risk are you willing to take with your investment? What is a reasonable investment horizon for you? Your answers give us guidance for the development of a portfolio.
In a next step we suggest potential investments. These suggestions are based on our talk. Then you decide which investments should go into your portfolio. Changes are possible at any time, of course.
Regular reports help you monitor the development of your portfolio. Or you can just contact your advisor.