Sustainable solutions

Schoellerbank has been taking sustainability criteria into account in the management of mandates since 2003, which makes us one of the pioneers in this exciting segment. Although this initially started as only a niche market, it is increasingly attracting the public’s attention.

In recent years, the demand for sustainable and ethical products has increased significantly, which shows us that we not only got involved with an attractive topic very early on, but can also optimally serve this segment with our sustainable solutions.

Schoellerbank works together with ISS-ESG in the area of sustainable and ethical investment.

ISS-ESG is a well-known provider in the field of sustainable and ethical investment and offers a comprehensive database with detailed information about the relevant companies as well as highly informative fact sheets. In addition to Schoellerbank’s strict quality criteria, this allows companies to be filtered using exclusion criteria and a best-in-class approach. Information is also offered about other special topics such as the "Ethical investment guidelines of the Austrian Bishops’ Conference and the religious orders of Austria" (FinAnKo).

ISS-ESG’s procedure

Best-in-class approach

  • First, the companies go through a so-called negative screening (based on exclusion criteria). In this process, companies that are active in controversial business areas such as the defence industry, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nuclear power, pornography, or genetically modified food are categorically excluded.
  • Then the companies that pass the exclusion criteria undergo a positive screening with regard to their social and environmental standards, and only companies with particularly excellent results in these categories are selected. Because the number of socially responsible investors is constantly rising, companies are also increasing their efforts to win over these investors.