Asset management with individual securities

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Schoellerbank has been professionally managing assets for its customers. Building wealth over the long term for our customers is something we achieve by looking closely at their needs and pursuing a disciplined investment process. Asset management is more than just a well-composed portfolio.

In asset management with individual securities, we invest your money in international stocks, bonds and funds in accordance with our stringent quality criteria. The maximum equity ratio and other parameters are individually defined. Do you want a strategy that invests a maximum of 50% or 100% in shares? Or should the assets also be managed based on ethical ratings? Asset management with individual securities meets the demands of our customers for high quality.

Certified Performance Calculation

Transparency and control are the most important elements that contribute to the success we have been achieving for years. Schoellerbank is the first Austrian bank to have the performance calculation of its asset management certified by the reputed auditing firm Deloitte - proof of trustworthiness we gladly provide.


The investment philosophy of Schoellerbank

A sustainable approach

Participation policy declaration according Section 185 Stock Exchange Act