Asset Management with funds

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Schoellerbank has been professionally managing assets for its customers. Building wealth over the long term for our customers is something we achieve by looking closely at their needs and pursuing a disciplined investment process. Asset management is monitored constantly and is much more than creating a well-composed portfolio once.

In asset management with funds, we invest exclusively in first-class funds that are constantly reviewed and monitored. You have a choice of five different variants with varying maximum equity ratios to achieve your individual investment goal.

Apart from the advantage of a having a lower entry threshold, this model is convincing because of the little work required for keeping the books. This is a benefit that our foundations and corporate customers highly appreciate.

Certified Performance Calculation

Transparency and control are important elements of our long-standing success story. Schoellerbank is the first Austrian bank to have the performance calculation of its asset management certified by the reputed auditing firm Deloitte - proof of trustworthiness we gladly provide.