Schoellerbank Realzins Plus: Key figures & conditions

Price graphic per 30/10/20

Schoellerbank Realzins Plus

Fund type: Euro bond fund Investment principle: Investment in capital- and inflation-protected bonds and guaranteed products in Euro Investment aim: Generation of an attractive inflation-protected yield with the highest possible level of security Investment horizon: Medium to long term Currency: EUR Risk of loss: low Fund management: Schoellerbank Invest AG

ISIN: AT0000672258 (distributing), AT0000672266 (accumulating)
Fund volume: EUR 579.31 Mio. (30/10/2020)
Information: launch date: 02/09/2002; first issue price: EUR 103.00; financial year: 01/09 - 31/08; date of dividend: annually on 15/11; reinvestment possible
Dividends: 2003: EUR 3.04; 2004: EUR 3.80; 2005: EUR 3.80; 2006: EUR 4.00; 2007: EUR 4.00; 2008: EUR 5.60; 2009: EUR 4.00; 2010: EUR 3.00; 2011: EUR 3.30; 2012: EUR 3.30; 2013: 2.00; 2014: EUR 1.60; 2015: EUR 1.00; 2016: EUR 1.00; 2017: EUR 1.00; 2018: EUR 1.10; 2019: EUR 1,30;
Conditions: issue surcharge: 3%; reinvestment discount: 1.50%; management fee: 0.54% p.a.(included in fund price)
Other informations: registered for sale in Germany

Advertising notice. The Fund Regulations of Schoellerbank Realzins Plus are approved by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (Finanzmarktaufsicht) and became effective on 19th August 2015. This investment fund already invests or intends to invest more than 35% of the fund’s assets in securities of the Republic of Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany and/or the Republic of France. The most recent version of the prospectus published for Schoellerbank Realzins Plus and the key investor information in German are available free of charge at These are the only advertising materials and contain important risk warnings. Although the information has been compiled with utmost care, no liability is assumed for the correctness.