Our approach: More for you

When you come to Schoellerbank, we take time for you. We ask many questions, and listen carefully to your answers. Because this is the only way to ensure that we know what is important to you. Armed with this knowledge, we focus on your personal objectives, always taking all relevant market opportunities into account. Why do we do this? Because we want to create more for you. More security, more investment success, and more personal advice.

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Asset Management - The best strategy for your wealth

Schoellerbank StarRating - Clear criteria for optimal quality

What investments make it into your portfolio? Our StarRating decides. Each individual investment goes through a stringent selection process. The better an investment, the more stars it earns.

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our Managing Directors

Mag. Dieter Hengl

In addition to our philosophy of "investing instead of speculating", the following principles are the key to Schoellerbank's success.
Client focus: our advisors and I want to exceed the high expectations of our clients every day.
Security and trust: successful investment means carefully and proactively managing risks, but not avoiding them.


Mag. Helmut Siegler
Managing Director

Schoellerbank stands for a clear, comprehensive, and tailor-made product and service offering. We pay attention to the fundamental trend while ignoring short-lived fads. Proving this each and every day is what drives us.


Mag. Martin Klauzer
Managing Director



Core capital ratio

70,53 %


Managed Assets

more than 13 bn


Schoellerbank Invest AG
Fund Size

5.99 bn



approx. 350

on full-time basis)