More time for you and your wealth

Wealth Management primarily means one thing for us: time. On the one hand, we take sufficient time to comprehend your needs and respond to them on an individual basis. On the other hand, we give your assets the time they need to develop sustainably.

But we also believe that Wealth Mangement is also about building relationships: because that is the only way to build trust – the very foundation of our business. The fact that many families have already been with Schoellerbank for generations shows how close and trustful this relationship is.

History of a traditional bank with pioneering spirit

More than 185 eventful years have passed since the establishment of the bank and wholesale merchant Schoeller. We have made good use of this time to develop our bank and to combine tradition with a modern view.



Award-winning private banking

We don’t rest on our laurels. Instead, we use every award and assess the test results. This allows us to identify potential and further increase our capabilities. Which may be one of the reasons why we keep winning awards.

Committed to cultural treasures

Every concert, every opera, and every exhibition starts with a lot of hard work and commitment. Which is why we support selected cultural institutions in their efforts. We have something in common with each of these organisations: the drive to deliver an outstanding performance.

Customer magazine, trust letter, and more

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20 July 1833: Alexander von Schoeller establishes the bank and wholesale merchant Schoeller in Vienna. Today, Schoellerbank is one of the leading private banks in Austria.