Commended Institutions: The Elite of Asset Managers 2014

  • Schoellerbank stays number one in the German-speaking area
  • Elite Report as the largest and most comprehensive industry test of its kind

The Elite Report Awards were presented at the Munich Residence at the end of November 2013. The top 43 of the 342 asset managers tested in the German-speaking area were invited. 32 institutes from Germany, three from Switzerland, five from Austria and three from Liechtenstein were distinguished. Together, they represent a small community of excellence - the ’Elite Asset Managers in the German-speaking area 2013’.

For the past eleven years the ’Elite Report’ has been testing asset managers from the German-speaking area in the largest and most comprehensive industry test of its kind. Depending on the score achieved, the distinctions ’cum laude’, ’magna cum laude’ and ’summa cum laude’ were awarded. Five asset managers from Austria were selcted: Schoellerbank AG was distinguished as the best bank in Austria and received the highest accolade, ’summa cum laude’. It reached the highest score, coming in first place in a tie with six other providers in the German-speaking area.

Just under one in eight asset managers are to be recommended.

The number of distinguished asset managers fell again this year. Of the 342 asset managers surveyed, 112 were ultimately examined by means of tests, questionnaires, individual research, background discussions and invitations to bid. In addition, a critical look was taken at customer portfolios. In the end, 43 asset managers were declared recommendable. It was not only the tests themselves that provided an overview but also the results gained through reputation surveys conducted in the form of individual interviews with 100 executives from the world of finance and banking. The extensive tests served to assess individual criteria, including quality of advice and accuracy, personal suitability and professional intelligence, acceptance of responsibility and asset protection. A new criterion was introduced this year: the balance sheet check.

Austria overtakes Switzerland

The results of the Elite Report also revealed: Swiss asset managers are losing significance. Their confidence diminished after the tax shock, and they now avoid German clients. With high fees stemming from the time when asset managers were indulged by offshore business, and with relative weak performance, they bailed out of the competition. Their reputation and image are damaged - with the exception of the three asset managers that have been distinguished by Elite Report. If you compare the role of the Austrian asset managers in the elite, they have overtaken the Swiss. They discreetly came out of the offshore issue with their image intact and were able to further improve their customer orientation. 

The Elite Report Awards were presented during a state reception at the Munich Residence that was attended by more than 200 guests. The elite were presented with a certificate and a golden pyramid pin by state secretary Franz Josef Pschierer and the editor-in-chief of Elite Report.

The Elite Report at one glance

The Elite Report is published annually under the title of ’Elite Asset Managers in the German-speaking area 2014’, in cooperation with the daily business paper Handelsblatt: The 144 pages of this year’s Elite Report contain details on the tests as well as addresses and portraits of the most reliable asset managers in the German-speaking area, as well as numerous articles providing orientation and advice with regard to the topic of assets and their management. The Elite Report is available for 39.80 euros inclusive of VAT and postage. Subscribers to Handelsblatt receive a 10 euro discount. Orders can be made online at, by email: or per fax: +49 (0) 89 / 470 38 81.

Elite Report - Quote Schönfels


Preserve, increase, manage. Three words - one service. Assets need a protective hand, intelligence and character. If success is also achieved with regard to good results over many years, then this continuity is more than just the start of a trusting relationship. It is an exceptional and very special quality. Especially as it also stands for dependability and steady success. Schoellerbank has now been at the top of the list of distinguished asset managers in German-speaking area for many years. Its elaborate basis for consultation and asset structuring does not appear inflexible, but rather grows and adapts to changing customer needs, without however forgoing sensibility and economic foresight. This internal diligence and professional intelligence not only helps achieve solid results but also works wonders against both the insecurity that can so often be sensed in the sector and the approach of merely peddling products. Schoeller always puts the person in its focus ... at eye level, of course. Being sensitive to clients’ needs and working together towards a common goal is both a boon and motivation for both sides in an asset-oriented relationship. How wonderful that such a thing still exists in an environment as harsh and selfish as the finance sector.