Handelsblatt - Elite Report 2009: "Elite Asset Managers of the German-Speaking World"

The Pyramid of Excellence 2009 in alphabetical order:

Asset managers put to the test: Schoellerbank with the highest rankings in Austria once again.

A total of 348 asset managers from across the German-speaking world (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein) were tested. The independent panel of judges considered that 51 of these providers were commendable, and designated them "Elite". The 39 top providers were included in the Pyramid of Excellence, and the top award, summa cum laude, went to 26 houses - including Schoellerbank, which once again received the highest ratings in Austria. Overall, the Bank’s score put it in third place, the fourth year in succession in which Schoellerbank has been ranked summa cum laude.

The Panel's assessment in its own words

"Such consistency of quality in asset management is highly encouraging - particularly in these troubled times. This private bank has been in top place in Austria for years, and has even been able to increase its lead. At Schoeller, you experience that reassuring awareness, the sense of the banker’s responsibility for safeguarding the customer’s assets and managing them positively. On the basis of our tests - we had 32 readers on the road in Austria alone - we found that in this Bank time does not stand still - everybody is always doing their best to be better and better at providing customer service. The core concern, and how could it be otherwise, is to safeguard wealth. It is a positive pleasure (and earns the highest marks) that Schoeller does not try to squeeze its customers into a predetermined mould, either in terms of contractual arrangements or with respect to charges. Quite to the contrary, in fact: the experienced adviser has a feeling for what the customer is prepared to pay for the service, and takes care to get it right. And there are no grudges against customers when they ask for even better solutions, because this is what spurs the Bank on to tailor its performance even more precisely to its customers’ needs. It is precisely this willingness which provides that comforting confidence in the trustworthiness of this House. Allow yourself the time to experience the quality of the asset management in depth - it is not to be found everywhere. In the years to come you will deal with the same, trusted adviser - because Schoeller has no room for job-hopping experts."