Handelsblatt - Elite Report 2010: "Elite Asset Managers of the German-Speaking World"

The Pyramid of Excellence 2010 in alphabetical order:

Asset managers put to the test: Schoellerbank with the highest rankings in Austria once again.

The editors of Elite Report have been testing asset managers from the German-speaking domain in the largest and most comprehensive industry test of its kind for the last 7 years. On 25 November 2009 the commended companies were awarded with their titles as ’Elite Asset Managers’ at a state reception in Munich as part of an annual asset convention.

Of the 400 or so service providers who put themselves forward as asset managers during this year’s comprehensive testing of experts only 49 companies were filtered out and deemed worthy of commendation as part of the quality ’Elite Asset Managers in the German-Speaking Area for 2010’: 25 from Germany, 13 from Switzerland, 6 from Austria, 4 from Liechtenstein and 1 from Luxembourg.
The hierarchy of worthy candidates highlights 40 asset managers who are particularly worthy of commendation. These include 6 Austrian asset managers. Schoellerbank AG was also awarded the highest accolade, summa cum laude, as one of the 5 best banks in the entire German-speaking area.

The Panel's assessment in its own words

Whoever is looking for asset security - that is asset protection and asset preservation - goes to the number one bank in Austria: Schoellerbank. The bank has developed quality standards that receive the highest praise year after year. In short, this first-class private bank offers many tried and tested paths that lead to each individual customer’s desired goal. The bank’s consultation system is exemplary, not only with regard to the individual phases, but because supportive consultants go through them, step by step. The aim is not to instruct, but rather to understand and - with great commitment - to build a protective structure around the customer’s assets. Here asset preservation is not just empty rhetoric, but is put into practice. Apart from these basic elements, Schoellerbank is a real competence centre for all of the complementary areas of consultancy - a competent and attentive partner for our customers. This great praise corresponds with the results from our confidential reputation survey, in which experts evaluated the experts from competing banks. Jürgen Danzmayr, former director of Schoellerbank and present member of the supervisory board, was named Austria’s most trustworthy banker/asset manager, ranking far above the competition. It is thanks to him that the Austrian culture of asset management has been pushed ahead considerably. Congratulations!