The largest banking industry test in the German-speaking countries - the 2015 Elite Report: Five Austrian Banks are among the Elite

  • Who are the specialists in managing the ’Zero-Interest Blues’?
  • The Elite Report honours 44 asset managers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Schoellerbank once again occupies First Place

Munich, 24th November 2014. On Monday, the Elite Report for the twelfth time selected the Asset Management Elite within the German-speaking nations. From a total of 360 asset managers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, only 44 banks can truly be recommended. Once again, the Schoellerbank took top honours among the Austrian banks. The Hypo Vorarlberg, the Volksbank Vorarlberg, the Bankhaus Jungholz and the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg are also among the meritorious Austrian banks.

During challenging times on the financial markets, the choice of a partner that is well suited to one’s investment needs is more important than ever. As the largest and most comprehensive industry test of its kind, the Elite Report is a very helpful guide. Independent experts act as test customers in a comprehensive process, evaluating hundreds of asset managers in the German-speaking countries, from the initial consultation right through to the investment itself. Only those who ultimately meet the testers’ exacting standards are included among the ’Asset Management Elite 2015’. ’Reliability and the preservation of wealth is in great demand among high net worth investors. The increasing competition, the intense pursuit of wealthy customers and the pervasive greed for commission make the selection process more difficult. We produce this annual report as a positive list and present the outstanding asset managers here to give customers a sustainable helping hand’, Hans-Kaspar von Schönfels, the editor-in-chief of the Elite Report, explains the industry test’s goal.

Eight Banks at the Top

In the 2015 Elite Report, the editors ranked 44 asset managers in the German-speaking nations as ’summa cum laude’, ’magna cum laude’ and ’cum laude’, according to their point totals. Eight banks share the same top score: the Austrian Schoellerbank, the German financial institutions Berenberg Bank, BHF-Bank, Bremer Landesbank, Donner & Reuschel, Haspa Hamburger Sparkassen, as well as the Swiss bank Wergen & Partner Vermögensverwaltung and the Centrum Bank in Liechtenstein. Other recommended Austrian banks are the Bankhaus Jungholz, the Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg, the Volksbank Vorarlberg and the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg.

Only every eighth asset manager is worthy of recommendation

Altogether the Elite Report analysed 360 asset managers in the German-speaking nations. After an initial critical evaluation, 60 financial consultants were removed from the list. After the first test was performed, 132 asset managers remained who could be considered serious service providers. Finally, after the entire testing process, 44 asset managers were ranked within the golden pyramid of the recommended banks. That means that only one in eight asset managers can be truly recommended.

The Elite Report at a Glance

The annually published ’Elite Report’ is published in cooperation with the trade journal "Handelsblatt" with the title ’The Elite among the Asset Managers in the German-Speaking Nations - 2015’. The report provides details about the test, the addresses and profiles of the most reliable asset managers in the German-speaking regions, as well as numerous articles as valuable orientation aids. It also serves as an advisor on the topic of assets and their management. The Elite Report may be purchased for EUR 39.80 including VAT and shipping. Additional postage is charged for shipping to foreign addresses. ’Handelsblatt’ subscribers receive a 10-Euro discount. Online orders may be placed at:, via e-mail and via fax at: +49 (0) 89 / 470 38 81.

Schoellerbank's profile in the 2015 Elite Report

’In spite of the ups and downs during the crisis, this course of action constantly gains value. Its rise is driven by success. The Austrian asset manager has repeatedly taken top honours and is the Number One bank in all the German-speaking nations. To attain and then expand upon this ranking amidst this market’s fierce competition is a colossal achievement. Here we’re talking about quality, which is seldom the norm nowadays and which also attracts a demanding clientele from neighbouring countries. Exemplary sensitivity paired with vigilance. This fine bank performs customer orientation, not as a mere attribute, but with constant dedication. That dedication and above all the bank’s obvious intelligence in its asset allocation choices have won over even the most discriminating clients with considerable investment achievements. Its performance often surpasses the industry average. It is the result of astute analysis and rational concepts. This often imperceptible service epitomises Schoellerbank’s exceptionally good rating, in addition to the caring integrity this bank demonstrates in its consulting work. It offers what today’s customers demand - namely attention, competence and reliability - and on fair terms.’

Pyramid of Excellence