Securities Supervision Act (WAG)

MiFID - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

The new Austrian Securities Supervision Act (Wertpapieraufsichtsgesetz - WAG) 2018 bears significant changes for banks in their overall securities business operation. 

The EU-Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments - short: MiFID - aims at harmonising the regulations for trading securities within the European Union. How does this affect you and us as your private banking partner?

You can find a summary of the most significant changes in the PDF-brochure "MiFID - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive". The "Guideline for the implementation policy for securities orders - Best Execution Policy" informs you about the principles in executing customers orders.


  • MiFID II - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

    PDF | 379,5 KB

  • Execution policy of Schoellerbank

    PDF | 147,2 KB

  • List of execution venues

    PDF | 129,7 KB

  • Information on bank resolution under the Austrian Act on Bank Recovery and Resolution

    PDF | 80,4 KB

  • Guidelines for the handling of conflicts of interest and benefits

    PDF | 128,8 KB