Schoellerbank Asset Management

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Schoellerbank has been managing assets for its customers with utmost professionalism. We help our customers build wealth over the long term based on a careful analysis of their needs and a disciplined investment process. Asset management is more than just a well-chosen portfolio. 

Depending on your personal goals and amount invested, we offer a number of investment options. You have a choice between asset management with investment funds and asset management with individual securities.

  • Our experts manage your assets using high quality financial instruments to attain the highest possible returns as safely as possible.
  • The capital invested is available at any time.
  • Depending on your investment goals and the potential for fluctuations in value, you have a choice of several asset management variants.
  • Detailed information on the development of your assets is sent regularly.
  • The investments underlying this financial product do not consider the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities.

Asset management with investment funds

Select the right investment fund from a wide range of choices. You can rely on us to invest your assets with a Wealth Management Team.

Vermögensverwaltung “Klassik” (standard or fund-linked insurance variant)

The asset management product “Vermögensverwaltung Klassik” invests exclusively in high-quality investment funds. The funds are constantly monitored and regularly reviewed. You have a choice of five different investment approaches with varying equity ratios to match your individual investment goals. 

“Vermögensverwaltung Klassik mit Einzeltitel Aktien” (up to 100% in equities)

In this asset management variant, we invest your funds in international equities and investment funds that fit your personal goals. The equity ratio and other parameters are defined individually for each portfolio. Do you want a strategy that invests at most 50% in equities or 100%? Or would you prefer an asset management that complies with sustainability criteria? We offer asset management that satisfies our highly discerning customers.

“Vermögensverwaltung Exklusiv”

This tailored investment strategy is especially suitable for foundations and institutions with specific investment guidelines and is developed jointly with our customers, our asset experts and wealth managers.


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Schoellerbank Asset Management

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