ESG at Schoellerbank

Schoellerbank has managed its customers’ assets according to ESG criteria since 2003, making it a pioneer in sustainable investment in Austria.

Since its inception, the ESG approach has been continuously refined and adapted to the changing legal requirements.
As Schoellerbank’s core business is asset management and investment consulting, the ESG focus is placed on the investment products and services.

However, Schoellerbank also accounts for ESG criteria in its lending policy, and every lending decision is thus also taken in consideration of sustainability risks.
Detrimental sectors and loan purposes such as coal mining and coal power plants, nuclear power plants, and oil extraction by means of fracking are expressly precluded for corporate customers. Financing is also not extended for projects in protected areas.

In private lending, no financing is provided for purposes that have a detrimental environmental impact such as oil furnaces.
In terms of the environment, the focus has been placed on efforts including the sparing use of raw materials, energy and water, waste separation, and the increased use of digital communication media to replace business travel.

Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of Schoellerbank’s human capital strategy. Promoting gender equality and inclusion is a means of improving the well-being and capabilities of each of our employees and of making our business strategy more sustainable and successful over the long term. Schoellerbank is proud of its long history of commitment to promoting the broad diversity of its staff by creating a workplace offering equal opportunities for people of every age, gender, and cultural background to contribute to decision-making processes.