Sustainability out of conviction

Sustainable investment solutions have been a tradition in Schoellerbank for many years, because the careful use of resources is an issue that affects us all. Our core business is asset management and investment advice, which is why the ESG focus of our range of products and services is in the investment area.


Regarding sustainability and ethics, we bundle our expertise with the renowned provider ISS-ESG. This company has an internationally recognized expertise in all areas relevant to sustainable and responsible investments.
To become part of our sustainable investment universe, issuers (companies & states) must undergo a strict selection process. They must be among the top 75% of the respective industry in terms of environmental protection, social responsibility, and governance (ESG criteria).


Companies are subjected to "negative screening" (exclusion criteria) and controversial business areas such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling, nuclear energy, and pornography are immediately excluded. 

Likewise, companies with serious violations against the UN Global Compact are not considered. 

State issuers must, among other things, respect fundamental rights in terms of democracy and human rights, fight corruption effectively and have signed both the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.
The remaining titles are then subjected to a "positive screening" with regard to their social and environmental standards. Only companies with excellent results will be selected for the portfolio.

The future belongs to sustainable investments

Our sustainable asset management activities have shown that it is possible to generate solid returns with a sustainable and well-diversified portfolio. We have been observing the performance of our ESG mandates for many years and have determined that their returns are on par with those of conventional investments. Therefore, we plan to give the topic of ESG greater consideration in all of our products over the long term.

Legal information on sustainability please find here

Mag. Doris Eichelburg, CFP®, EFA®

ESG Officer, Sustainability Management

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