Asset Management

The offerings on the capital market are almost infinite – so we separate the wheat from the chaff. Only the very best investments pass the scrutiny of our asset managers, perhaps making it into your portfolio.

The best for your portfolio

We protect your wealth – that is one of our primary goals. That is why we carefully weigh the opportunities and risks of every investment according to stringent criteria – our StarRating. Only the best investments make it into your portfolio. But our scrutiny does not stop there. We monitor the investments, react quickly to changes, and keep you abreast of their performance.

We have managed the assets of private customers, institutional investors, and foundations for over 20 years. Today, managed products make up roughly one third of our assets under management – impressive proof of the effectiveness of our strategy.

You can choose from different asset management options depending on your personal goals and the amount you wish to invest.

  • Asset management with funds – from EUR 100,000
  • Asset management with individual securities – from EUR 500,000
  • Asset management with individual ethical securities – from EUR 500,000

What do these three options have in common? A focus on security. That means that we take a long-term approach. And that we can use exaggerations and disproportionate movements on the market to your advantage.

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