Elite Award 2018

In recent years, Elite Report has established itself as the premiere industry yardstick for private banks in the German-speaking world. We are extremely pleased that Schoellerbank has been selected by the independent judges as the best asset manager for the sixth time in a row. Hans-Kaspar von Schönfels, publisher of Elite Report, summarised the outcome in a single sentence: "Interest in the people themselves is a winning strategy." He went on to say, "Schoellerbank’s unique quality is reflected by the fact that it does not just merely try to assess the world’s markets, it actually analyses and values each individual stock. Schoellerbank stands out like a beacon of light in this industry."

For the 15th time, banks from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein were scrutinised by independent experts acting as test customers. All in all, the editorial staff at Elite Report - which is published in cooperation with Handelsblatt - analysed 352 providers. Only 43 (12%) of these 352 made it into the ranking of the asset managers which were tested. Of that group, 34 were from Germany, five from Austria, and two each from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. They complied with all 41 parameters which the testers used to evaluate the quality of a bank. Depending on the points awarded, the pyramid of asset managers was assigned the rankings "cum laude", "magna cum laude", and "summa cum laude". In the ranking for the 2018 Elite Report, 31 of the asset managers received the ranking "summa cum laude", with Schoellerbank situated at the top of this golden pyramid, scoring 655 out of a possible total of 730 points.

Original quote on Schoellerbank from the 2018 Elite Report

"Practice does not merely define quality for the here and now: it also has an effect on the future. Otherwise, it would not be possible to achieve the necessary security and also the preservation and growth of assets from generation to generation. Obviously, first and foremost, one must understand the customer. What does he want and what does he need? What are the goals and desires of the investment mandate? The answers to these questions lay the foundation, but also establish the framework for assuming responsibility. Without them, it is impossible to provide perfect customer service. The requirement of proper exactness is complemented by an intrinsic understanding of this asset management process. With great meticulousness and acumen, investments are analysed, assessed and incorporated into the overall set of assets. Assets are structured according to the strategic planning, which the clients themselves approve, in line with their framework and requirements. At the outstanding private institution Schoellerbank, asset management is always viewed and pursued as a holistic mandate. Schoellerbank also easily incorporates sensitive investment issues, such as sustainability, into its management work. The readiness to engage in upright, frank dialogue is exemplary, and many readers who have worked with Schoellerbank praise its ability to communicate openly. Even complex issues are made understandable, and evaluated according to their benefits and drawbacks. Clients do not have to face conflicts of interest. All things considered, it is the bank’s care and experience which carries the decision in favour of Schoellerbank. To a great extent, ensuring a perfect fit involves taking responsibility, and it is this ability which sets Schoellerbank apart from the crowd."

The UK magazine Global Banking & Finance recently chose Schoellerbank as the Best Bank for Asset Management Austria 2017. The US magazine Global Finance as well as Der Börsianer awarded Schoellerbank the title of Best Private Bank in Austria for the third time. And the Web Experience Study conducted by Privatbankchecker recently lauded Schoellerbank’s Internet presence as one of the best in the industry, demonstrating its competence in the digital world as well.