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Bringing the best together

By issuing the "All World" (until 31 January 2002 SKWB Schoellerbank Portfolio Fund), the very first Austrian fund of funds, Schoellerbank Invest AG once again assumed a pioneering role in the domestic investment fund market. Since then, the fund of funds segment has shown an excellent development and has benefited from uninterrupted interest among investors. Now, Schoellerbank Invest AG manages a wide range of funds of funds with an overall volume of around EUR 347 million. The selection of the subfunds is based on the strict criteria of the Schoellerbank Fund Rating. As a result, it is consistently possible to assume top positions with our company's funds of funds.

What is a fund of funds?

It is an investment fund which does not invests in individual securities, but exclusively in other domestic and foreign investment funds. Depending on the concept and strategy, the portfolio may consist of individual funds from different investment fund companies. The advantage: The investor is able to take a share in many companies in different countries, regions, or sectors (double risk control) with a low level of capital expenditure. Depending on the focus of the portfolio, the fund of funds differentiate between equity funds, bond funds and mixed funds. The Schoellerbank AG fund of funds can be acquired not only through one-time payments, but also within Schoellerbank fund saving.

Which funds of funds are available for selection?

Our customers can currently choose between the following funds of funds: Equity funds: Country-specific, regional and global funds: All Asia, All Europe and All Japan, All World Sector funds: Schoellerbank Global Health Care, Schoellerbank Global Resources Topical subjects, sectors, and trends of the 21st century: All Trends Mixed funds: 50% euro bond funds, 50% international equity funds: Schoellerbank Global Pension Fund Equity, bond or money market funds (flexible): Schoellerbank Global Dynamik Fund of funds

What are the main advantages of the Schoellerbank funds of funds?

The investment in various subfunds with various investment styles (multi-manager approach) helps experiencing an even broader diversification over the investment universe and therefore risk minimisation and simultaneously earnings optimisation. The selection of the subfund in accordance with the strict criteria of the Schoellerbank Fund Rating: The investor automatically benefits from the expertise of the world’s best fund managers. A proven investment strategy in line with our guiding principle "invest rather than speculate". An investment in the Schoellerbank umbrella fund offers our customers the combination of high-quality and high-performance products and maximum comfort. Investment strategy

Advertising notice. The Fund Regulations of the listed investment funds are approved by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (Finanzmarktaufsicht). Some of the listed investment funds invest more than 35% of the fund’s assets in securities of Member States, regional/local administrative authorities and/or public international bodies. Some of the listed investment funds may invest up to 100% of their fund assets in other investment funds. Owing to the composition of their portfolios, some of the listed investment funds may exhibit increased volatility. Please consult the information about each given fund for details. The information provided is based on sources that we consider reliable. We cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. Please note that the prospectuses and the key investor information of all investment funds listed in this publication and managed by us were created in accordance with the provisions of the InvFG (Austrian Investment Fund Act), contain important risk notices and constitute the sole sales documentation. The German-language prospectus (and any amendments) was published in accordance with the Austrian Investment Fund Act of 2011 as amended from time to time in the official gazette , Wiener Zeitung, and is available free of charge at the registered office of Schoellerbank Invest AG and at the registered office of Schoellerbank Aktiengesellschaft (depository bank), as well as online at The exact date of the last publication and any other locations from which the prospectus may be obtained can be found on the website of Schoellerbank Invest AG ( This material serves as additional information and does not take into account the individual needs of investors. All contract offers are preceded as a general rule by an in-depth consultation with the client in accordance with Section 43 of the Austrian Securities Supervision Act (WAG). Thus this material does not constitute a recommendation as to investment services or financial instruments. Fund earnings are calculated as a mathematical yield according to the official Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) method, without taking into account purchase charges and redemption fees, capital gains tax (KESt) or reinvestment discounts. Please note that the calculated values of the investment funds may be subject to fluctuations. Past performance is not an indication of a fund’s future performance. Errors and misprints excepted. With regard to the restrictions concerning sale of Schoellerbank funds to American nationals please consult item 10.2. of the complete prospectus of the given fund for relevant information. Responsible for content: Schoellerbank Invest AG and Asset Management at Schoellerbank Aktiengesellschaft.