Elite Report, Global Finance Award and Börsianer 2022:

Repeated awards as the best private bank in Austria

The largest banking test in the German-speaking region, "Handelsblatt Elite Report", once again selected the elite of wealth managers. Schoellerbank took first place in Austria for the tenth year in a row.
In the past test season, the editorial team examined a total of 362 providers. Additionally, many readers, who were looking for new asset managers, provided informative individual evaluations from their consulting experiences. As a result, not only professional but also personal skills of the banks were determined.
Schoellerbank again received the highest number of points and thus consistently achieved the absolute top result in the top ten of all asset managers tested over the past decade.


Elite Report editor-in-chief Hans-Kaspar von Schönfels emphasized: “Schoellerbank is almost a legend. This asset management specialist has been at the top of the elite pyramid for ten years, sometimes hard pressed by its competitors. To be able to maintain this positive and convincing continuity, which has so far been attested, a permanent even better process must also take effect in the future. The pivotal point, however, is the often covertly developed, strategic and inner intelligence, namely it provides the decisive instructions for use and the knowledge for the respective investment success. And this can still be seen, it is clearly convincing."

Dieter Hengl, CEO of Schoellerbank and Head of Wealth Management Austria at UniCredit Bank Austria: “These awards show the long-lasting quality of our work and the passionate commitment of our employees. Once again, they give our customers the security of knowing that they are receiving perfect advice, support and investment for their individual needs from the leading provider on the domestic market."

In picture (from left): Hans-Jürgen Jakobs, Senior Editor Handelsblatt, Marcus Hirschvogl, Schoellerbank Press Spokesman, Dieter Hengl, Chairman of the Board Schoellerbank, Helmut Siegler, Chief Investment Officer Schoellerbank and Hans-Kaspar von Schönfels, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher "Handelsblatt Elite Report".

Global Finance – World’s Best Private Bank Awards 2022

The US financial magazine “Global Finance” also recently selected the best private banks at the “World's Best Private Banks Awards”. Schoellerbank was named “Best Private Bank in Austria” for the seventh time in a row. The editorial team selected the winners with the support of experienced industry experts who have many years of market knowledge. In addition to independent research, information from submitted surveys was used to evaluate objective and subjective factors. The evaluation is based on the performance in the period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

Finance magazine "Börsianer" awarded Schoellerbank again as "Best Private Bank in Austria 2021"

The magazine awarded the “Best Financial Companies in Austria” for the 7th time. A total of 147 Austrian financial companies, including 49 banks, were analyzed and rated. The award is determined in a three-column scoring model (1st peer group, 2nd key figures, 3rd editing), according to qualitative and quantitative methods, and evaluated by the business and tax consultancy firm BDO Austria. The ranking is an endurance test and provides an overview of the best companies in the financial sector in 14 categories. Schoellerbank was named “Best Private Bank in Austria 2021” and, with a total of seven awards, is at the top of all private banks in the “Börsianer Wall of Fame”.

Dieter Hengl, CEO of Schoellerbank and Head of Wealth Management Austria at UniCredit Bank Austria stated: "This award is further evidence of the market-leading position of Schoellerbank in Austria, thanks to the commitment and expertise of our employees."

Dominik Hojas, editor-in-chief and publisher of “Börsianer” justifies the award as follows: “Inflation and low interest rates are real challenges for banks and their customers. Schoellerbank scores with an excellent performance, excellent financial figures and good service. It is therefore recognized by the 'Börsianer' as the best private bank in Austria."